MUTOPIA (shortfilm)

MUTOPIA – First Look Teaser #1 (Trailer)

A city where
everyone is connected.

What if we store our entire memory
in a machine.

And what if computers start to
know us better than we do?

MUTOPIA (shortfilm)

A modern-day fairytale in a unique animation look!

MUTOPIA is a mysterious sci-fi shortfilm in a colourful comic animation look – telling a story about artificial intelligence, memories and a filmmaker, who is promoted to become the director of an illustre observing commitee. But as memory is getting lost who would remember the true story?

A true independent production!

Entirely made by independent Kino artists MUTOPIA was shot @ KinoKabarets in places like BERLIN, BASEL & LUBLIN only to have the crazy video artist & director DSU RANGER to transform that epic amount of footage into a MYSTERIOUS plot with wildly unexpected results.

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Until we forget everything…

MUTOPIA is a most spontaneous FILM about FUTURE & SOCIETY! A fascinating study of spontaneity, technological intelligence, creativity and incompetence.

By turns grotesk, surprising, colorful and absurd, it is an inspiring modern-day fairytale – in a unique comic-animation look.

A poetic contemporary art-fiction

This film is as much a “visual novel” as a brillianty told critique of digital media systems and urban control, notions of perception habits, planning, organizations, and memory, ludicrousness of committees and governing bodies and, last but not least, the overimposed allseeing presence of artificial intelligence.

In cinéma spring 2019

MUTOPIA will be released in spring 2019 as cinematic SHORTFILM for festivals – and as free web series EPISODES online!

RELEASE of Episode#1
::: 1st of APRIL, 2019 :::

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Thank you! And greetings from the studio…
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MUTOPIA – a mysterious sci-fi story – starring SAM F. INGOLD
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