audiovisual artist,
filmmaker, editor, vj,
art director & designer

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Hi, my name is Mat – but people call me „Disu“. I’m also DSU RANGER, audiovisual artist & designer based in Basel, Switzerland

I have a good heart, a keen eye & listening capacity which help me to create mysterious #shortfilms, crisp #videoclips, interactive #video installations, #mappings & #videoart and also artistic illustrated #cartography.

I work as an audiovisual technician & art director for cultural projects and festivals in Basel Switzerland. I also work with mobile architecture, building geodesic domes and container studios. And I like Espresso

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People like my cinematografic style, my swift editing and fast workflow, but most of all my talent to grasp an idea and transform it into a dreamlike audiovisual world.

I mostly work in independent projects. However I also do work for clients e.g. privates, institutions & venues in theater, music & dance.

Fascinated by the ambiguity reflected in optical illusions and surrealist paintings, I like to play with the public and discover new meanings & hidden truths within (our) perception of reality. In my projects I express and communicate these discoveries in playful, interactive and poetic ways.

I’m the founder of streetwise audiovisual network, bringing together skills and talents with focus on spontaneity, interactivity and awesomeness to create recognition & awareness of independent audiovisual streetart.

streetwise Lab – DSU RANGER’s container studio bongalow @ Klybeckinsel, Basel Switzerland 2016
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