KinoFabrik shortfilms

 STREETWISE | PROJECTS | PRODUCTS | VIDEO | KINOFabrik Basel | KINOkabaret | KINOFABRIK SHORTFILMS KINOkabaret Basel – machs gut mit nichts, machs besser mit wenig, und machs jetzt! Hier findest du eine best-off selection der KINOFabrik Basel Shortfilms – made in Basel & the rest world – Infos zu KINOFabrik Basel – Link […]

KIN0kabaret Basel

STREETWISE | PROJECTS | VIDEO | KINOFABRIK | SHORTFILMS | EVENTS | KinoKabaret Basel   KinoFabrik Basel presents KINOKabaret Basel Mach’s gut mit nichts, mach’s besser mit wenig – und mach’s jetzt! international shortfilm creation lab in Basel Artist meets other artist & make movies together. KINOkabaret is a place where ideas find creators, storys […]

KinoKabaret Shorts

KINOkabaret Basel – do good with nothing, do better with a little – and do it NOW! Come to Basel & join us at our extraordinary KinoLab in mobile containers. We care and dare for us to shoot faster movies again! Click here or check out other upcoming KINO KABARETS around the world.